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7 Areas Where Mold Could Be Growing in Your Home

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

We don’t often like to think about it, but mold has the potential to grow almost anywhere inside of your home. All homes have the main elements to grow mold – oxygen, warmth, darkness, the inhabitance of mold spores, and a surface where it can form. Adding moisture, whether it is from a leaky pipe, heavy rain, or other outside factors is when you will start to see the mold begin to grow. It is entirely possible that you could already have mold in your home without knowing.

Areas to Look for Mold

As you may have guessed, bathrooms can be a breeding ground for mold. It is important to check your shower walls, bathtub, sink, & toilet areas. These are key places where moisture can be found, and if these are not properly maintained you may be looking at an unwanted mess.

Ranging from food that is forgotten about, to dishes that need to be cleaned – the kitchen is another area where mold is commonly found. In these instances, you should look in and under your sink, in and behind your refrigerator, behind your stove and microwave, and your trash cans. These areas are typical for finding leftover food that you may have forgotten about and you will want to rid of those immediately.

One area that you may not expect to find mold would be your bedroom. If you don’t have a mold-proof mattress or water-proof mattress cover, there is potential for moisture to seep into your mattress and gather mold. You will also want to be conscious of your windows and windowsills as this is a place where condensation can form. If this is not cleaned properly, mold can and will grow.

Living Room
If you are one who loves growing house plants, you will need to be wary of moisture that these plants can hold. If untreated, these can be a significant source of mold growth. Besides house plants, make sure that you always keep your couch cushions dry, and if applicable have your fireplace and chimney cleaned by a professional. These are all areas moisture can gather and mold can grow if unnoticed.

Since an attic is usually a dark room in your home, it has considerable potential for mold growth. Be sure to frequently check for leaks or water can pour in and create mold. Another area to check would be in your insulation and vents. These are two places that if not cleaned properly have the chance to also build mold.

Especially when it rains, basements are one area that you need to make sure stay clean or they can harbor mold. When looking for mold, you will want to check near any pipes, ducting, and vents. If your house has a sump pump or if your water heater is in your basement, these are areas that moisture can build up.

Especially when used for storage, you will want to check up on your garage as much as possible. When storage items aren’t frequently moved around, this gives mold the chance to grow as it can latch onto these surfaces if there is any moisture on them.

Evidently, there are many areas that mold can grow in your own home. Make sure you are checking and cleaning these areas frequently so you can ensure your own safety. If you do happen to find mold in any of these areas, call SERVPRO of Omaha Southwest and Omaha West/Saunders County at (402)408-0134 to remediate your mold issue today. Our team will not only help you identify the mold you find, but we will give you options for complete removal and remediation of all surfaces that are affected.

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